04 November 2008

Markets Leaders - How to Achieve and Keep Market Leadership

This blog is focused on market leadership. CEOs, Marketing and Sales Managers are looking for effective and innovative ways to win in the marketplace. That means, they want to become and remain leaders in their respective markets. But, how to establish and retain market leadership?

If there is proven know-how and knowledge about creating market leadership, managers need reliable and practical answers. It is of little use to mention highly sientific but unaccessible papers, many of which have little practical relevance. On the other hand, there are plenty of simple but useless rules of thumb, because they often lack basic reliability.

Also, there is plenty of information, but information is not knowledge. However, managers are inundated with data and information, while at the same time missing relevant knowledge about consumers, market preference, competition or economic and technical developments. The issue here is relevance.

In addition, between the time pressures on the one side and general management folklore on the other side, managers must make decisions, today. This blog´s purpose consists of using common sense to assess innovative market leadership ideas, to discuss relevant marketing and sales questions, and to create a dialogue with interested practitioners in marketing, sales and customer management.

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