04 April 2009

5 Symptoms of Weak Leadership

When talking with senior managers about effective actions for improvement, these 5 symptoms regularly crop up:
  1. Confusion about goals, roles & responsibilities
  2. Insufficient or weak communications
  3. No clear means to solve problems, make decisions and resolve conflicts
  4. Leadership perceived as not leading and being out of touch
  5. Lack of commitment to action
As one can see, these flaws are devastating for any organization. However, often they are denied like the "white elefant" in the living room and nothing is done to counter them. While the symptoms often are just signs for deeper problems, the first step is to acknowledge them.

As a resolution we often have started a formal change management inititative to counter the resistance to necessary and urgent transformations. Other reasons often are behind such situations and need to be identified and verified on basis of facts and data.

Whatever reasons cause such failings, in the end leadership is the major culprit and called upon to act!


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